Built originally as part of a 1960s lifestyle vision, the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre came with high hopes of beginning a trend that would revolutionise the British shopping experience. By the early 1970s, those hopes had crumbled. For many people, the area had become associated with its congested central roundabout, crime and multi-storey 'sink' estates such as the Heygate.

After many years of regeneration planning, this project looks at the area's personality in 2010 and its promise of development. It focuses on the shopping centre, its people and the changes that have taken place.

To watch my short photo-film for this project as published by the BBC, click here and press play in the new window (ensure sound is turned on to enable the audio).

To view the picture story without sound, click on the first thumbnail below and continue through. (Pictures for this project will be updated here shortly.)