Catford Bus Garage was first opened in 1914. By the late 1940s, the building had undergone extensive renovation to accommodate growing staff numbers and buses of increasing size. It was further modernised in 1970, by which time the distinctive Routemaster double-decker bus had become a widely recognised symbol of London's streets.

Currently, Catford Bus Garage is owned by the East London Bus Group and has 155 buses that cover sixteen different routes around London. It employs an ethnically diverse workforce of over 500 people mainly as drivers, mechanics, cleaners and office staff.

London's first offical bus worker strike was held in 1891 over pay and employment conditions. In 1984, Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government privatised London's bus services. Today, under the tag 'equal pay for all', the worker's union Unite is still in pursuit of improving and standardising the pay and employment conditions offered to workers by London's private bus companies.

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